Carlo e Barbara
happy to host You, present the internal regulations.
You have to respect not only legal obligations but you are kindly asked to keep also, with special care, common sense behaviour and mutual respect.

  1. At the moment of the reservation of the room, an down payment is asked valued 40% of the total cost of your stay, a warranty of the reservation, by mean of postal order / Poste Pay.
  2. The procedure to do the down payment will be sent to you by mail, confirming the room availability. Hereafter you will receive the confirmation of the reservatation, describing all the available services included in the price.
  3. You can enter your room from 15:00 to 21:00, expect for special needs of our guests. We would like to receive from You the forecasted hour of arrival or possible delays.
  4. When you arrive, you must submit your id documents (Passport or Id Card) that must be valid, conforming to the legally obliged registrations; if this disposition is not fulfilled you will be asked to leave immediately our B&B, due to the penal code violation. All our guest data are managed conforming to the current privacy law.
  5. When the notification form has been filled, you will be asked to cover the global amount for the whole stay, by cash. B&B, by the current italian law, are not commercial activity and so we are not compelled to deliver any fiscal document
  6. As a record of your payment, you can ask to have a non fiscal receipt reporting the days of your stay and the payed amount
  7. When the payment has been done, you will receive tha access keys: these keys should be given back the day of your leave or the night before. In case of loss of the keys, we will have to change all the locks and therefore you will be charged by €. 350,00.
  8. Moreover, you will receive the remote commands for the tv and for the air conditioner by a deposit of €.20,00: the deposit will be given back when you leave and give back to us the remote commands.
  9. You can pay by bank transfer, by postal order or by cash.
  10. You can have your breakfast in the venue under the B&B, between 9.00 AM and 10:00 AM: a buffet will be prepared for the guests of the B&B. If you need something special or different, an extra cost will be charged.
  11. For long stays, bathroom towels and bed sheets will be changed every 4 days. Housekeeping in the rooms and bathrooms are daily after 10:00 AM: you're kindly requested to free the room between 10:00 and 15:00 to allow access to the housekeeping personnel.
  12. (Please note that in order to safe the environment and reduce pollution, we don't wash clean towels and clean sheet: so we ask for the collaboration of our guests by leaving on the floor only towels that must be changed)
  13. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the rooms and inside the building: this is for the respect of non smoking guests that will occupy the rooms after you and for preventing fires.
  14. In our rooms there are no security boxes for the safekeeping of your objects: so we invite you never to let these objects unattended in the rooms, bathrooms and in the other spaces. Moreover doors and windows should be always closed.
  15. The B&B Direction declines every responsibility for the loss, the theft or the damage of objects of your ownership let in the rooms or in the other spaces and for damage to third party people or things. Each damage must be declared and reimbursed immediately to the house manager.
  16. For compliance to the B&B regulations and to the Police Department guidelines, you are requested to keep quiet between 14.00 and 16.00 and between 22.00 to 8.00 AM
  17. The day you leave, your room must be let free not after 10:00 AM to allow the normal housekeeping activity. The guests can continue to stay in the common spaces of the B&B, and they can leave the luggage attended.
  18. It's forbidden to eat in the rooms and to light fires, for compliance to the regional law, for security reasons and to respect the other guests.
  19. It's forbidden to leave wet towels on the bed or on the furnitures.
  20. It's strictly forbidden to host people that asr not already guest of the B&B.
  21. We recommend for a correct use of toilets, avoiding to throw large objects in the W.C. (please use the provided baskets). When you leave the room, please switch off all the lights and the air conditioner
  22. If you have to cancel your reservation, please send a written message, or an email message, or a fax to our B&B.
  23. Until 20 days before the arrival date, we give back the total paid amount; for less than 20 days, we give back 50% of the down payment; for less than 7 days, we give back no money. If you don't arrive, we give back no down payment.
  24. In case of leave in advance, no reimbursement will be provided.
  25. Before confirming the reservation by email, we invite you to read our internal regulations and to acknowledge it in writing.
  26. Therefore, all the reservations, included those with no read or knowledge confirmation, will be considered as accepting the conditions and the regulations.

Trusting in your collaboration, we are available for any further explanation: we wish you a pleasant stay in our B&B BuongiornoNotte!